Sunday, September 24, 2006

Puasa n Diet

today is the 2nd day kita menjalani ibadah puasa. smlm i naik scale machine tu nak amik initial weight utk bulan puasa... mak datok.. my weight dah naik balik to 108kg. wallawey, susah la ini mcm. last time i dah berjaya reduce sampai 105kg tau. even tak banyak beza, tapi the hardship nak turunkan sebanyak tu susah juga tau. Takpe i'll take the opportunity during this fasting month to control my makan. I've to start my diet program again.

Oooo last Saturday i dah buat satu keputusan yg teruk in my whole life. i reject 1 offer for an HR exec position in a big company. But then i tak rasa regret sangat sbb i ada reason why i didnt accept that job. yeah la.., they want me to join them by today, but then i've to tender my resignation to my existing company by 1 month notice, tapi dia nak suruh i masuk immediately pulak. mana boleh.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Hi there, this is my first time having a 'blog'. hmmm well 'Big on Blog" .. why? its simply because i am a big woman who is in blogging world now.. "smile".

being a big woman, sometimes make me tersangatlah sedihnya. tapi, i still love my self, forever and ever.

oopppsss sorry i've to go. My sis is already here to fetch me up from this office. Jumpa Lagi..