Thursday, October 12, 2006


today, i feel a bit sad. actually the saddness started in the beginning of this week. I dont know what did I do wrong to CY. she seems very angry at me on that day. hhhmmm...... sometimes i didnt realize that i could hurts people with my words.

This early morning, my brother K shouted at me. initially he is the one who provoke me
with his silly jokes. really menyakitkan hati.

and came to office, my boss ask me to reinstall the symantec antivirus to his laptop. unfortunately..., the CD is not with me, it is with him actually. Guess what?? along the day.., he show
me his long face which is really make me feel eerrr AarfgghHHhhh. Tensen......

Poor me....

sob.. sob.. sob...

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